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I combined my love for quilting which I like to think I got from my great grandmother who quilted for all of the family, with my love of various art forms. I have tried to take my quilting to an aesthetic level that people would enjoy and so far that seems to be the response I get with them. This site is actually here at the encouragement of many of my family and friends.

I originally started quilting almost on a dare over 20 years ago. My neighbors at the time were part of a quilting group. I loved to sew so thought why not. I love bright colors so I started with a Roman stripe pattern and colors inspired by the Amish. I finished the face of the quilt fairly quickly but the idea of hand quilting it held me back. So the quilt sat for almost 10 years before I met someone who does machine quilting of other people's work. When mine came back to me finished I was hooked and started working on the next quilt. I soon got my own long arm quilting machine so I didn't have to send it out and that was the start of a whole other adventure.

Gift Gallery Long Shot
Gift Gallery

I started quilting by trying different techniques. So far I haven't found any I haven't enjoyed the outcome, though no comments on some of my process learning curves.

I have always been inspired by colors and textures and the beauty of nature around me. Maybe you will see that in some of my works. Color can express so much emotion and passion in a work. I just wanted to try and have others feel maybe a little of what I feel when they view my work. I also have a special love for the Asian fabrics. I am still working to find the best way to show off some of them. I have ideas that I haven't been able to make work yet on fabric. It's coming but not yet where I want it. I see fabrics and designs show up, or I see a particular design in my mind and then search for the right fabrics.

Quilt before paint is added
Quilt Before Painting

I am probably not what you would call a traditional quilter. I am one of those quilters who is willing to try any style at least once, or create my own path. I have been very much inspired by some other quilters I've seen and I have even tried their technique on my own. Sometimes with good results and sometimes with the feeling of 'oh my goodness what have I gotten into!'.

Like art I think so much of quilting is what you 'create'. Does it create an effect of some kind on the viewer? Does it say something to you? Does it catch your attention or move you in some way? If so then you've been successful.

Painted Quilt
Painted Quilt

I have had times where friends were afraid to tell me they didn't like something I had done. I am quick to tell them that is totally fine. I think I am aware enough to know that not everyone will love everything I do. I know when I see other's work that's how I feel. I can love some work and absolutely hate others from the same artist.

Some quilts are embellished with paint, beads, embroidery and fibers and others are more traditional.

I have gone through phases of trying different techniques and patterns. I still like the less traditional forms of quilting and hope I will always be learning something new.