The Dragon Quilter

Quilt Gallery

Feel free to wander the gallery and contact me with any comments or questions or if you'd like pricing on unsold items. A more detailed picture can be seen by clicking below.

dragon quilter quilt - all buttoned up
Button Up - 39"X 39"
Landscape Mountain quilt - Dragon Quilter
Landscape Mountains - 62" X 70"
dragon quilter quilt - Drunkards Path Quilt
Drunkards Path I
dragon quilter quilt - Black and Red Asian
Black and Red Asian - 49" X 49.5"
Koi Pond Convergence quilt
Koi Pond Convergence - sold
Roman Stripe quilt - Dragon Quilter
Roman Stripe - king size bedspread
Custom T-shirt Quilt I
Custom T-shirt I - commission
dragon quilter quilt - African Influence Quilt
African Influence - Queen size bed quilt - sold
Asian Circles Quilt
Asian Circles
Twin A Baby quilt - Dragon Quilter
Twin A Baby quilt - flannel ragged edge - sold
Twin B Baby quilt - Dragon Quilter
Twin B Baby quilt - flannel ragged edge - sold
Circles and Stripes quilt
Circles and Stripes - 43" X 36"
Dragons quilt - Dragon Quilter
Dragon quilt - hand painted - 51" X 59.5"
dragon quilter - Custom T-Shirt Quilt II
Custom T-shirt II - commission
dragon quilter - Purple Ginko Quilt
Purple Ginkgo - sold
Diamond Dreams quilt - Dragon Quilter
Diamond Dreams - twin size bed quilt - sold
Slate Circles quilt - Dragon Quilter
Slate Circles
dragon quilter quilt - Flannel Ragged Edge Throw Quilt
Ragged Edge Flannel Baby Quilt (Isha) - flannel baby quilt - sold
Flip and Stitch Abstract quilt - Dragon Quilter
Abstract Flip and Stitch - 84" X 62"
Purple Kaleidoscope quilt - Dragon Quilter
Purple Kaleidoscope - 55" X 69"
Kanji quilt - Dragon Quilter
Kanji Quilt
Custom Photo quilt - Dragon Quilter
Custom Photo Quilt I (KT) - Family photos - commission
Kaleidoscope Blues - Dragon Quilter
Kaleidoscope Blues - queen sized bed quilt - sold
Landscape Colors quilt - Dragon Quilter
Landscape Colors
dragon quilter quilt - Chloes Quilt
Sunny Goldfish - twin sized bed quilt - sold
Ragged Edge Throw
Ragged Edge Throw - flannel 57" X 57.5"
Maroon Circles quilt - Dragon Quilter
Maroon Circles
Fringed Blues quilt - Dragon Quilter
Blue Fringed Nights
GF Asian quilt - Dragon Quilter
GF Asian panel - panel - sold
MM quilt - Dragon Quilter
MM Panel - panel - sold
Drunkards Path II Quilt
Dunkards Path II - 52" X 45"
Custom Photo Quilt
Custom Photo Quilt II (VC) - Family photos - commission
Quilted Christmas Table Topper
Christmas Table Topper - Table Topper - sold
Hand Quilted Rosey Dreams
Handmade Rosey Dreams - Queen sized hand quilted bed quilt
Red Gold Forest Asian quilt - Dragon Quilter
Red Gold Forest Asian Quilt - 49" X 36"
Quilted Wall Hanging
Quilted Wall Hanging

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